West-Whitehill Winery

West-Whitehill Winery, founded in 1981, has established a tradition of producing fine wines from French-American hybrid grapes grown in the cool, dry, sunny climate of the South Branch Valley in the Potomac Highlands of eastern West Virginia.

Owner Steve West started the business from a few acres of grapes and homemade machines to now producing thousands of cases of more than eight varieties.

He is assisted by winemaker and winery manager Tyler Wilkins whom you’ll meet when you stop by the winery. His daughter, Amanda West, has now joined him in management of the vineyard and business. 

Varieties of Wine

West-Whitehill Winery has over 10 wines for you to try.

Sweet Wines

Raspberry Royal, Mountain Spice, Classic Currant, Highland Mist, and Regal Cherry.

Semi Sweet Wines

West Virginia Red, Vidal Blanc, Raspberry Bramble, and Aurore Blush.

Dry Wines

Chambourcin and Aurore.

Visiting The Winery

The best part of wineries outside of the actual wine is getting to see how it’s all made. Stop in to visit the winery, see where they make their wine, and have a free tasting.

Where To Buy

Brick and Mortar

West-Whitehill Winery has grown to a point where putting a list up would be too cumbersome. If you’re in WV, find your closest Sheetz, 7-11, or most any other place and they’ll be sure to have their wine in stock.

Email & Phone

Yes, West-Whitehill Winery still takes orders over email and the phone. Yes, I know what year it is. Given the internet connection and cell coverage throughout WV, this makes more sense than initial thought.

If you email winery@hardynet.com or call them at (304) 538-2605, they’ll have it shipped to your door via UPS.

4484 U.S. Hwy 220, Moorefield, WV 26836

(304) 538-2605